Project Description

Why hanging light pendant fixture

Architectural linear tube hanging light pendant fixtures bring direct and indirect light to commercial or residential lighting interiors. Our sleek, stylish fixtures are highly effective and effcient lighting solutions for hotels, offices, retail outlets, restaurants, and more. Our Linear suspended Lights are a stylish alternative to downlights. Linear suspended lights can create a functional yet relaxing atmosphere and provide an even wash of light within a space.

Code: MX811A

  • Constructed of thick extruded aluminum
  • Die-formed heavy gauge cold rolled steel interior bracket to hold the ballast
  • Alanod 320G aluminum Parabolic louver locked by for clamping springs with tool-less design
  • Finish in anodized aluminum, other custom colors are an option
  • Easy for lamp replacement and maintenance
  • Optional joiner assembly for continuous runs
  • Suitable for T5 configurations
  • Available in one and two lamps model
  • Available in 24 inches to 96 inch
  • Suspended, continuous use
LED Dimmable LED strip fittings supplier
commercial led strip light fixtures supplier
  • G13 G5 lampholder from BJB, AAG stucchi or others
  • Terminal block, quick disconnect from Idea or WAGO
  • 220-240V Electronic ballast from Tridonic, Philips, VS, Osram or Helvar
  • 120-277V Electronic ballast from Advance, Fulham, GE, Sylvania or Universal
  • Emergency kits from Fulham
  • Occupancy sensor from top quality supplier
  • Linear fluorescent lamp from GE, Philips or Osram
  • Prewired for LED tubes according to your drawing

4ft length specifications

  • Part Number: MX852-LT4’X2
  • Dimension:48×3-7/8×3-1/8″

8ft length specifications

  • Part Number: MX852-LT4’X2
  • Dimension:96×3-7/8×3-1/8″
  • rivate offices
  • Educational Facilities,
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Medical Centers
  • School classrooms
  • General area lighting

LED Lights enjoy the benefit of a super long lifespan of racking up almost 50,000 hours which simply means that the LED lamps/bulbs last up to approximately 8–10 times longer than standard halogen counterparts making them an ideal replacement

Improved safety over other forms of light sources is definitely LED lights’ most important advantage.

LEDs are considered an ideal lighting source which can be used in applications that are subjected to an on-off cycling frequently, unlike their fluorescent counterparts that have a tendency to burn out way too much more quickly when cycled frequently

Unlike most conventional fluorescent lighting bulbs contain large amounts of toxic and polluting materials like mercury, LED lights are free of toxic chemicals like mercury or harmful gases.

About Brandon Lighting

Brandon lighting is one of the leader manufacturer in LED linear fixture with over 5 million linear fixtures installed worldwide. Our story began in 2008 in Zhongshan, China, where we produced T5 Under cabinet, 2×2 2×4 RDI. In 2013, just fives year after the introduction of the LED, we launched our first LED product, the LED vapor-tight. Since then, we have revolutionized the use of LEDs and ONLY LEDs, to provide superior LED linear strip light, LED utility wraparound, LED linear architectural, LED Recessed Troffer, LED Linear High bay and custom LED linear retrofit kits.

10 years in LED linear strip tight manufacturing

All components are UL listed for USA market!

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