What is T bar light?

T bar light is the lighting fixture that be installed in the T bar ceiling. It can be T Bar recessed mounting or T Bar ceiling mounting. The T-bar light is also called T-grid light. The T bar is a ski lift having a series of T-shaped bars each of which pulls two skiers.

Why T Grid recessed frame light?

The T-bar Frame luminaire offers an innovative design with an LED module that fits directly into any 2×2 or 2×4 grid ceiling . The “edge lit” look provides a modern and unique look for a variety of applications such as offices or hospitality spaces. With 125 lumens per watt, the T-Grid Frame is a direct replacement for your standard 2×2 or 2×4 fixture. The T grid light is very flexible to install in different shapes to makes the space totally different.

Benefits of the T-bar lighting recessed luminaire

Benefits of the T-bar lighting recessed luminaire

  • Up to 115 Lumens per watt
  • 3 CCT & 3 Wattage adjustable
  • Ultra light weight, one person install
  • Housing material:6063-T5
  • Installs into conventional standard grid ceiling
  • 0-10V dimming capabilities
  • Universal 100-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz)
  • UL listed

Where to buy the T-grid lighting fixture?

Sarin Energy LED T-bar lights

Sarin Energy LED T-Bar Lights are specially designed to install quickly and easily into T-bar ceiling grids. They are an excellent replacement for fluorescent lights and can provide an energy savings of up to 60%. LED T-Bar Lights are intended only for indoor use. These lights are perfect for offices, schools, places of worship,
and hospitals.


ASD Lighting LED Frame lights

DESIGN & OPTIONS – LED FRAME PANEL LIGHT has a lightweight aluminum frame with excellent heat dissipation and a PC lens for uniform light distribution. These are ideal for both new construction and ceiling retrofits. The fixture is equipped with a 0-10V dimmable driver. It comes with a 120-277V, 4000K color temperature and in two sizes: 2×2 and 2×4.
INSTALLATION – Installation is fast and easy: simply remove the T-Bar tile, drop the fixture in, then wire and replace the tile. The frame includes four L-shaped connectors and four LED strips. Note that the LED strips must be assembled wings out. Refer to install instructions for detailed steps.
APPLICATION – LED FRAME PANEL LIGHTS are perfect for commercial, residential or public facilities such as: offices, lobbies, hallways, classrooms, conference rooms, hotels, school facilities, libraries, showrooms, workshops, healthcare facilities and so on! The fixture is Damp location rated and can operate in temperatures between -14+104°F (-10+40°C).
ENERGY SAVINGS & EFFICIENCY – This fixture provides a lumen output that is equal to or higher than traditional fluorescent architectural troffers and can cut your electric bill by up to 80% instantly. With a lifespan of 60,000 hours, these fixtures are made to last decades under normal operation! This fixture will save you a significant amount of money in its lifetime.
CERTIFICATION & WARRANTY – Buy with confidence: ASD provides a 5-year warranty along with ETL certification to guarantee top quality products and safety

Liteline LED Edge Light Recessed Downlighting

Since their inception, traditional troffer fixtures have been designed in standard sizes that fit exclusively within the confines of t-bar ceiling layouts. Breaking
traditions while removing the restrictions of above ceiling HVAC and t-bar layouts, we are excited to
introduce EDGE!
Developed to challenge tradition, the EDGE allows for a diverse installation with high lumen output, without interfering with above ceiling mechanical,
all while fitting perfectly into a t-bar ceiling with acoustic tile on top. No trimming needed!

1’×1′ | 1’×2′ | 1’×4′ | 2’×2′ | 2’×4′
| 30″x30″ | 30″x60″ | 20″x60″

• Dali 2.0
• Moons Dual series, Dual 0-10V
• Lutron T-series 1% 2-channel
• Dali
• Lutron Hi-Lume® 1% EcoSystem
• Lutron Hi-Lume® 1% 2-Wire
• CLM Encelium by OSRAM
• Casambi

NSL T LED Edge light

T-LED Edge Light is an innovative solution for general lighting in commercial, retail and hospitality applications. Its perimeter illumination offers a unique edge lit look without sacrificing performance for aesthetics.


  • Retail lighting
  • Offices lighting
  • Hallways lighting
  • Elevators lighting
  • Banquet Halls lighting
  • Restaurants lighting

Beyond LED lighting LED Grid Panels Geometric

Our new 2021 Geometric Series Grid panels offer uniform illumination and excellent energy savings when you replace traditional T5, T8, or T12 fluorescent troffers. Our Grid Panel with diffusing lens for direct lighting is also CCT adjustable & offers multiple Wattage options. A clever choice for illuminating spaces with a lighting fixture that blends with the architectural design of your ceiling, simultaneously creating an elegantly stunning light effect. Perfect for corporate offices, medical/health, educational facilities and more.

• Up to 130 Lumens per watt
• CCT & Wattage adjustable
• Ultra light weight, one person install
• Housing material: 6063-T5
• Installs into conventional grid ceiling
• 0-10V Dimming capabilities
• Universal 100-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz)
• DLC Listed

Brando LED Frame panel light manufacturer

Brandon is the professional LED frame panel light manufacturer. We offer the products to imporer, wholesale and contactor. If you are interested in buying the LED  T Bar grid light from the lighting manufacturer, Brandon lighting will be your the right choice.

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