The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Ushio announced the recall of a T8 LED tube

On June 10, 2020, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Ushio announced the recall of a T8 LED tube.

This recall involves an Indiglow brand T8 LED tube from Ushio. The tube is 4 feet long and has an LED light source installed in the glass housing to directly replace the 30W or 32W T8 fluorescent tube. The UL certification number of the lamp is E357523, which is printed on the lamp together with the company name USHIO and the brand name Indiglow. The production date code is printed on the aluminum end cap of the lamp, the format is 16xx or 17xx.

The recalled products are made in China and imported by Ushio Company of San Jose, California. From March 2017 to March 2018, it is sold in the national stores of Candela, Bulb America, Atlanta Light Bulbs, Dial Electric, Television Production Services, etc., as well as online stores 1000 and, the retail price is about For $25, about 3,000 were sold.

The reason for this recall is that the product may overheat during work, which may cause the glass tube to fall off and hurt consumers. So far, Ushio has received five reports of accidents involving overheating of the lamp and falling to the ground. Fortunately, no injuries have been caused.

To this end, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that consumers should stop using the product immediately and contact Ushio to request a full refund or free replacement. Consumers can also call Ushio’s phone 800-838-7446 (6am to 4pm, Monday to Friday), email or visit for more Recall product information.

About  Indiglow™ LED T8 Black Light

For the first time, you can turn any T8 fluorescent shop light into an LED black light! The USHIO 18W Indiglow™ LED T8 black light lamps are direct drop-in replacements for 30W and 32W T8 fluorescent tubes. A simple lamp change provides 40% energy savings when compared to existing mercury filled fluorescent tubes.
Indiglow 405nm LED chips provide a safe working environment for entertainment black light venues where employees will be standing directly under the lights for an entire work shift. The 405nm chips provide enough glowing punch to highlight fluorescing paints, makeup, and carpets while remaining outside of the UV zone.
In the past, when users wanted an LED replacement for a fluorescent black light, LED fixtures offered the best solution. However, like fluorescent lamps, LED fixtures degrade in output over time. When an LED fixture degrades to the point where the amount of light is no longer feasible for the venue, the entire fixture typically needs to be replaced by a licensed electrician. Ushio’s Indiglow LED T8 tubes remedy this by allowing the user to replace the lamps when they deem necessary without the associated high electrical labor costs. The flexibility of using replacement LED tubes also allows users to choose single lamp, dual lamp, and four lamp fixtures depending on the amount of coverage and output needed.


  • Plug-and-Play into Most Fluorescent T8 Fixture
  • No UV = Safe for Employees
  • Punchy Black light Effects
  • Economical Alternative to Costly LED Fixtures


  • Halloween Attractions
  •  Laser Tag
  • Family Entertainment Centers
  •  Actinic Aquarium Lighting
  • Black Light Parties
  • Dark Rides
  • Nightclubs & Bars
  • Glow Bowling
  • Mini Golf

About Ushio

Ushio America, Inc. is constantly challenging the global market by providing new and better lighting for the future, today. Since its establishment in 1967, Ushio America Inc. has developed its product technology to include a wide variety of light sources used in many different markets. Here at Ushio America Inc., our primary product focus is on discharge and halogen lamp technology.

As a specialist in industrial light sources, Ushio America works in partnership with many advanced companies to develop new and innovative products. Our goal at Ushio America, Inc. is to meet the comprehensive needs of our customers through market-directed product engineering, manufacturing process control and breadth of product offering.

Company size and philosophy drive strategy. We are small enough to react to specific Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requests while large enough to have the design and production system expertise essential to making sophisticated light sources, coupled with a high degree of repeatability over large volumes.

As we’ve grown we often find the OEM asking us to provide distribution for the “tailored” lamps that are used for the replacement in their equipment. To do that we have established aftermarket programs geared to the specialty niches and designed to fully support those organizations that distribute USHIO lamps. Beyond that, distributors have asked us to broaden our line so that USHIO could be their “one stop shopping source” for all their specialty lamps. We’ve listened and responded. The results are seen in our aftermarket programs.